This Is Me

I’m Jo. Wife, mother of two and previous career girl now doing her best domestic goddess impression. 

Like so many, I’ve just been stumbling through life – happy in my personal life, dissatisfied in my career (you can’t really have both, can you?!), letting the waves of life gently move my little rowing boat along, but never really getting to grips with my oars. 

Then 2018 happened. It was an awful year for our family. We saw illnesses; losses of people so close to us; untold stresses and strains and for me, a personal experience of serious, and completely unexpected, illness that was terrifying. 

This is not a celebrity memoir, so I won’t say it was a “life-changing experience”. I’m just an average, sleep-deprived thirty-something, so the truth is, it left me with something a lot less dramatic – a niggling feeling, an overall itch I couldn’t figure out how to scratch, a blurry image of one of those overly earnest inspirational quotes in my minds eye…. So I decided I had to make 2019 my year.

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