You Are…

I’ve been thinking about affirmations, because I know so many people recommend this practice for self-care and working towards a more positive state of mind. 

Honestly, they’re something that I struggle with – mainly because I find it too uncomfortable to say unsolicited nice things to myself…!

Despite being quite creative, I’m a critical thinker – I enjoy reasons and rationales (maybe because my own brain can be so hard to fathom).

So I’ve been playing with ideas of how I can use that to create my own set of affirmations that are personalised to me, my personality and my own experiences of anxiety, instead of the generic. Taking things I don’t like when I look in the mirror and giving myself a reason to love them. 

Here’s my first dabble…

What would your personal affirmations be?

You are… AMAZING
You are… BRAVE
You are… DEVOTED

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