The pros – and cons – of having a husband

It’s my wedding anniversary next week and we’ve been married 8 – yes, that’s 8! – years already. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?! Through house moves, children, redundancy, bereavement and endless Netflix boxsets, you’re looking at a lady who’s accumulated a fair amount of information on the strange species that is ‘The Husband.’

So, if you’re thinking of getting one, or exchanging your current model, be sure to read my handy guide on the pros and cons of husband-keeping.

Since everyone loves a good moan we’ll start with the cons, shall we?

Cons of adopting a 6ft man child

  • They inexplicably begin to believe they live in a hotel, taking a new towel for every shower and leaving the used one on the floor for housekeeping. Except you’re housekeeping, and you know exactly what those stains are.    
  • They put empty boxes and bottles back in the fridge and cupboards. Then go to make themselves a coffee and express genuine surprise that there’s none in the jar.
  • They will engage in little 1950’s fantasies and do things like ask you to take their shoes (and even socks, if they’re feeling brave) off for them. Watch out for the near-orgasmic groan as you lever those humid bad boys off.  
  • They never, EVER replace the toilet roll. Be prepared for a lifetime of angry wees as you stare at the empty roll hanging lifelessly on the holder and undertake the old shake and run, a questionable skill perfected from a youth spent largely in filthy nightclub toilets.
  • They, much earlier than expected, start transforming into old men. Hairs will sprout (NB. there’s a high risk you’ll be asked to pluck or trim them); they will start referencing unsubstantiated ‘aches and pains’; they will begin to complain that they haven’t slept, despite your lying awake all night listening to their snores. If they don’t already have an all-consuming black hole of a hobby, one will be imminent.
  • You will never again be able to just choose a film and watch it. There will be endless negotiations (one Bridget Jones is worth two Bruce Willis); hours of ‘What do you want to watch? I don’t know, what do you want to watch?’ tennis; passive aggressive tutting; and endless scrolling until you both fall asleep on the sofa (only to be awoken by the dramatic splash of the husband losing grip on his glass of vin rouge).    

But it’s not all sweaty socks and bodily functions. Let’s take a closer look at the pros.

Pros of getting your very own love God to put a ring on it

  • You have a constant ear for all your random tales about what you overheard at the local shop, which old school friend (who you’ve not seen in 20 years, but you still stalk on Facebook) is having an affair and last nights complex and elaborate dream. And they have to listen. Because you have the good stuff in your pants, and you’re not afraid to withhold it.
  • They have wonderfully strong chests with big arms that wrap around you and armpit nooks where you can safely nestle to escape the outside world.
  • Even if they don’t like them either, their desire to be a competent and masculine husband specimen means you will never have to dispose of a spider yourself again.
  • You can squeeze a bottom whenever you like (in a consensual and respectful way, obvs) without getting arrested.  
  • They mow the lawn, hang pictures, change lightbulbs and carry out all manner of helpful tasks that you’re perfectly capable of doing yourself, but can’t be arsed. And anyway, you might as well make the most of societies inherent sexism where you can.
  • They will love you. When you’re tired, grumpy, puffy, smelly, sad and your hair can only be described as otherworldly. They will love you.   

So there you have it. My summary of husbands – the good, the bad and the ugly. Are you signing up to Tinder as we speak, or calling a lawyer? I’m off to ask for wine and cop a feel.

Musings Of A Tired Mummy

30 thoughts on “The pros – and cons – of having a husband

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  1. Ahhh, love this post! I get married in three weeks hehe. Happy anniversary to you two, lovebirds! PS. You look beautiful in your wedding photo.

    Eena ☼ cabin twenty-four


  2. Aww, this was ADORABLE (and, in equal measure, hilarious). I do not have a husband, but I do live with my boyfriend, so I recognise a few of these. I think my favourite thing (I mean, aside from the love and support) is the spider removal. God I hate spiders.


  3. The best post I’ve read all week! Such a witty and entertaining post, whilst also being totally heart-warming. I’ve experienced quite a few of the pro’s and con’s myself with my boyfriend – weirdly it only makes me more excited to have him as a husband.
    Loved your post, thank you for sharing!
    Han, xo


  4. Haha, this made me smile reading this (and nod many times in agreement)! I will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary soon-ish and I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe my wonderful fella actually eating a vegetable once in a while and not complain so much when I try to get him to! Haha! Lovely post! And many congrats and anniversary blessings to you!


  5. Love your humorous take on this! There are all sorts of little things hiding behind married life. I am not married but I am deeply familiar with “what do you want to watch?” negotiations . . .


  6. This is such a witty and smart post! Agreed with so many cons and I would like to add that it is most of the times the mothers who tend to baby their sons a lot more and ruin it for their future wives. Also scientifically it says that men only mature by 40. So yeah- glorified children for most of our best years lol…


  7. This is such a refreshing post in references to marriage. There will always be pros and cons in any relationship. It takes work, patience, compromise, acceptance and communication to make a relationship work – and it takes reality that sometimes you’ll just be annoyed. We’re human lol it’s part of the ride.


  8. This was a brilliant read, especially as my own beloved hubby just burped whilst leaning over to read over my shoulder!


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