Unwanted night life

I’ve previously touched on my tendency for vivid dreams, and anxiety-driven fear of loss. But I’ve only scratched the surface really. Last night I dreamt my husband and I, for reasons unknown, had separated. When another man wanted to take me out to dinner, it prompted me to go back to my husband and tell... Continue Reading →

From dishes to disaster

Yesterday, I was having an average day. After a busy weekend, I had lots of household chores to catch up on and the kids were all riled up from the weather turning and being trapped back in the house again. After hours of schlepping around the house doing jobs, looking after the kids, getting moaned... Continue Reading →

What if…?

My husband is a keen cyclist, and went out last night on his regular club ride. They usually go to the pub afterwards and enjoy “a couple of beers”, but we drank a bit over the weekend, what with the beautiful sunshine and Mother’s Day, so he told me in no uncertain terms on Sunday... Continue Reading →

Emerging like a blossom

I've never pursued a diagnosis for Seasonal Affective Disorder, but there's no doubt in my mind that I suffer from it. I'm not just a bit miffed that it's rainy. I genuinely struggle to make it through winter. I experience a massive high at Christmas and then a huge comedown afterwards, that lasts months instead... Continue Reading →

Another note to me

After I posted the advice to my younger self, I had a really interesting comment from a follower on Instagram. He told me that recently he’d been looking at this idea from the other way around, and had started letting his younger self give his current self advice.  I absolutely love this approach - all... Continue Reading →

A note to me

I often see articles and interview questions around giving advice to your younger self. It’s an interesting topic (and as an over-thinker, something else I can agonise over at 1am, as if my brain wasn’t full enough...)  You often see responses like “be more confident”, “accept yourself”, “don’t let others take your power/bring you down”... Continue Reading →

Bosses and the blues

A good few years ago now, I worked at a small design agency. Despite essentially being a junior role to begin with, I had to go through several interviews and a presentation to get the job, so I was thrilled when I got it. It was my second “proper job” after graduating and I worked... Continue Reading →

Expectation vs Reality

As an over-thinker, expectation vs reality can be a huge source of stress and anxiety for me. Back in the day, it would be the expectation of going out, looking fabulous of course, and having an elegant and sophisticated evening with the ultimate goal of finding a husband. Vs the reality, which was me blind... Continue Reading →

I’d prefer not to swallow…

Obsessive-compulsive disorder - it’s a topic that’s fairly well known, possibly because of people’s bizarre fascination with OCDs most extreme examples. But talked about doesn’t equal understood. For a lot of people, it’s not a case of ‘I need to turn the light switch on and off 50 times or my family will die’. There... Continue Reading →

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