Food, glorious food!

I love food. Eating it, making it, watching every single cooking programme on TV - and immersing myself in cookbooks (every single time I cross Waterstone’s threshold, I need to talk myself down from spending that month’s mortgage payment on beautiful, hardback food bibles).    Before kids, my husband and I would spend whole weekends... Continue Reading →

Learning to talk to the inner me

I've mentioned before how long it took me to pluck up the courage to do this. To do anything, actually. Because I didn't know that blogging about the life and times of me, and becoming some kind of un-masked mental health crusader, would be what I ended up doing. I have notepads full of pros... Continue Reading →

Standing tall

Let's make it clear. People with health issues of any kind are not defined by them. I am smart, funny and feisty. I am kind, loving and loyal. I am thoughtful, inquisitive and creative. What I am not, is crazy. I have chosen to talk openly about this particular part of who I am because... Continue Reading →

Silence isn’t golden

Despite beavering away on the blog when I have a spare sec, I've been pretty quiet on the social media front the past couple of days... I know everyone that follows me there has noticed, and has really missed me?! I've not been feeling great and my go-to response is to clam up. I know... Continue Reading →

Bravery is not just slaying dragons

In the spirit of St George's Day, let's talk about bravery. When we were kids, we climbed trees, threw ourselves down hills and jumped from the highest step... But as we get older, we (or the vast majority, at least) lose that free spirit and lack of interest in consequences. Our brains start flashing warning... Continue Reading →

Mayhem at the movies

Social anxiety - it’s been a huge issue for me. I will no doubt talk about it many times, because of the impact it‘s had on so many areas of my life. But the sun is shining, so I thought I’d share a positive today and talk about an area that I’ve (just about) managed... Continue Reading →

Unwanted night life

I’ve previously touched on my tendency for vivid dreams, and anxiety-driven fear of loss. But I’ve only scratched the surface really. Last night I dreamt my husband and I, for reasons unknown, had separated. When another man wanted to take me out to dinner, it prompted me to go back to my husband and tell... Continue Reading →

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