The pros – and cons – of having a husband

It’s my wedding anniversary next week and we’ve been married 8 – yes, that’s 8! – years already. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?! Through house moves, children, redundancy, bereavement and endless Netflix boxsets, you’re looking at a lady who’s accumulated a fair amount of information on the strange species that is ‘The Husband.’... Continue Reading →

Exploring Dissident Lines

This afternoon, I dropped eldest at pre-school, put youngest down to bed for his nap and headed into town. (Attention Social Services: Daddy works from home, obviously I don't leave my 2-year-old alone). I didn't manage to sort either of the jobs I'd intended to, so decided today wasn't my day and paid a visit... Continue Reading →

Food, glorious food!

I love food. Eating it, making it, watching every single cooking programme on TV - and immersing myself in cookbooks (every single time I cross Waterstone’s threshold, I need to talk myself down from spending that month’s mortgage payment on beautiful, hardback food bibles).    Before kids, my husband and I would spend whole weekends... Continue Reading →

Why is it all about the physical?

I had a little convo with a fellow anxious mind over on Instagram the other day about the differences in anxiety symptoms, and I really wanted to talk to you guys about it. Since starting My Anxious Life, I've shared my stories and read so many others, and we're all really starting to understand the... Continue Reading →

Learning to talk to the inner me

I've mentioned before how long it took me to pluck up the courage to do this. To do anything, actually. Because I didn't know that blogging about the life and times of me, and becoming some kind of un-masked mental health crusader, would be what I ended up doing. I have notepads full of pros... Continue Reading →

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