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You’re used to my musings right here on My Anxious Life, but did you know that I don’t keep myself to myself?! I also write a variety of content for others.

Blogging has presented me with some great opportunities, but more importantly, has given me the confidence to go out and chase them for myself. So, if you’re interested to hear what else I’ve been up to, take a look below at my latest extra-curricular activity!


I’m passionate about raising awareness of mental health and opening up those much needed conversations. But you might be pleased to hear it’s not the only thing I like to talk about. If only for the sake of my poor husband…! Here are some of my latest lifestyle features:

Letterbox mag, edition #3
The UK’S only FREE Digital, Home decor & Interior magazine
How to make a mental health haven of your home

Film reviews

You might not know that I have a degree in Film and English and am a massive film fan. Back in the day, I wanted to be a film critic – kind of like Mark Kermode with a better rack. So I’m thrilled to now be a regular reviewer for the website Film Daddy. Go take a peek:

Scary Stories – Exploring the tradition, drama and legacy surrounding the much-loved children’s book

Guest blogs

I’ve been chatting my own unique blend of sassy humour and raw honesty over on some of my fellow bloggers sites too, here’s some of the latest:

Ramblings Of A Neurotic Writer
A neurotic, anxious mess who reads and travels
My guide to surviving the winter slump

Carpe Diem Emmie
A lifestyle, theatre and travel blogger focusing on the Midlands and beyond
My experiences of struggling with mental ill health through school

The Mad House of Cats and Babies
Cats, Kids, Chaos. Family life, motherhood, and beyond
How I discovered my sense of self through motherhood – and found it wasn’t what I expected

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