Another note to me

After I posted the advice to my younger self, I had a really interesting comment from a follower on Instagram. He told me that recently he’d been looking at this idea from the other way around, and had started letting his younger self give his current self advice.  I absolutely love this approach - all... Continue Reading →

A note to me

I often see articles and interview questions around giving advice to your younger self. It’s an interesting topic (and as an over-thinker, something else I can agonise over at 1am, as if my brain wasn’t full enough...)  You often see responses like “be more confident”, “accept yourself”, “don’t let others take your power/bring you down”... Continue Reading →

Bosses and the blues

A good few years ago now, I worked at a small design agency. Despite essentially being a junior role to begin with, I had to go through several interviews and a presentation to get the job, so I was thrilled when I got it. It was my second “proper job” after graduating and I worked... Continue Reading →

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