Learning to talk to the inner me

I've mentioned before how long it took me to pluck up the courage to do this. To do anything, actually. Because I didn't know that blogging about the life and times of me, and becoming some kind of un-masked mental health crusader, would be what I ended up doing. I have notepads full of pros... Continue Reading →

Silence isn’t golden

Despite beavering away on the blog when I have a spare sec, I've been pretty quiet on the social media front the past couple of days... I know everyone that follows me there has noticed, and has really missed me?! I've not been feeling great and my go-to response is to clam up. I know... Continue Reading →

Bravery is not just slaying dragons

In the spirit of St George's Day, let's talk about bravery. When we were kids, we climbed trees, threw ourselves down hills and jumped from the highest step... But as we get older, we (or the vast majority, at least) lose that free spirit and lack of interest in consequences. Our brains start flashing warning... Continue Reading →

I’d prefer not to swallow…

Obsessive-compulsive disorder - it’s a topic that’s fairly well known, possibly because of people’s bizarre fascination with OCDs most extreme examples. But talked about doesn’t equal understood. For a lot of people, it’s not a case of ‘I need to turn the light switch on and off 50 times or my family will die’. There... Continue Reading →

One of those days

Yesterday I had an inexplicable “ill mental health day”. I have no idea what else to call it. You know what I mean, when you just feel absolutely rubbish for no identifiable reason. I was grumpy, tired, sensitive.  The kids always seem to sniff out weakness and pick these days to push their luck. I... Continue Reading →

When it hits

With a scary day coming up this week, I found myself in the midst of a pretty big anxiety attack yesterday. The quick breath, the gnawing chest, the racing brain - I was struggling all afternoon and into the night. But with My Anxious Life in mind this time, I tried my best to really... Continue Reading →

People, not projects

The desire to solve problems is human nature. We love a challenge - what other animal thinks that sudoku is an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon?! But this inbuilt need is often the cause of tension between the ‘Anxious’ and ‘Non-Anxious’ camps. When people with anxiety, and other mental health issues, feel a... Continue Reading →

Really… you?

One of the most common things that I (and so many others) hear when revealing ‘the anxious truth’ are the suspicious and disbelieving words: “Really... you?!” Yes. Me. Excuse me if I didn’t have the courtesy to wear a “NUTTER: Please avoid” name tag and lanyard for you. The problem is, that I mostly appear... Continue Reading →

Easier said than done

It turns out that starting a year with the intention of making it ‘Your Year’ is pretty daunting. Especially when you’re the kind of person that’s never really successfully made a whole day ‘Your Day’.... I’m an English graduate, and have always wanted to write. But eventually the desire was crushed by a heady mix... Continue Reading →

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