Exploring Dissident Lines

This afternoon, I dropped eldest at pre-school, put youngest down to bed for his nap and headed into town. (Attention Social Services: Daddy works from home, obviously I don't leave my 2-year-old alone). I didn't manage to sort either of the jobs I'd intended to, so decided today wasn't my day and paid a visit... Continue Reading →

Review: The WellBeing Space

GIFTED | As you may remember if you read my very first couple of blog posts, 2019 is a new chapter for me. It’s all about making changes, being brave, forging a new path. And a focus on self, wellness and goals for the future have been a huge part of that. With that in... Continue Reading →

Food, glorious food!

I love food. Eating it, making it, watching every single cooking programme on TV - and immersing myself in cookbooks (every single time I cross Waterstone’s threshold, I need to talk myself down from spending that month’s mortgage payment on beautiful, hardback food bibles).    Before kids, my husband and I would spend whole weekends... Continue Reading →

Guest blog – Fat, feminist me

I'm so excited to share with you a very special guest blog today in honour of Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week. Charlotte and I have been friends our whole lives - we met at nursery age 2, have been on holidays together and even promised we'd get married one day, until one of... Continue Reading →

Learning to talk to the inner me

I've mentioned before how long it took me to pluck up the courage to do this. To do anything, actually. Because I didn't know that blogging about the life and times of me, and becoming some kind of un-masked mental health crusader, would be what I ended up doing. I have notepads full of pros... Continue Reading →

Standing tall

Let's make it clear. People with health issues of any kind are not defined by them. I am smart, funny and feisty. I am kind, loving and loyal. I am thoughtful, inquisitive and creative. What I am not, is crazy. I have chosen to talk openly about this particular part of who I am because... Continue Reading →

Silence isn’t golden

Despite beavering away on the blog when I have a spare sec, I've been pretty quiet on the social media front the past couple of days... I know everyone that follows me there has noticed, and has really missed me?! I've not been feeling great and my go-to response is to clam up. I know... Continue Reading →

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